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About Aikido

Aikido was created in Japan by O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969). He was an outstanding martial artist who studied many different styles and became a formidable opponent in any physical confrontation.

But after years of development, O’Sensei introduced a new emphasis into his training. He taught that the true purpose of Budo (martial arts) is the preservation of life.
This philosophy is demonstrated in the physical movements and mental attitude of the Aikido practitioner.

Aikido means the “Way of Harmonizing Spirit”.

The Founder, called “O’Sensei” (Great Teacher), believed that individuals could blend their “ki” (energy or spirit) with that of the universe. The result was a system of self-discipline based on non-resistance rather than opposition. The techniques are primarily joint-locks and projections rather than punches and kicks. Since most techniques result in throws or takedowns, all participants must learn how to fall and roll safely. Aikido contributes to physical fitness through cardio-vascular conditioning, weight control, and reflex improvement. It teaches how to co-ordinate mind and body through excercise, breathing, meditation, and the freeing of internal energy.

Correct practice of Aikido may help one defend oneself without hurting others. To attain such an ability one must achieve a high level of integration of mind and body control.

The basis of this unity is a harmonious combination of physical means and ethical motives. Thus, Aikido is not a sport but a “martial way”. It is a lifetime of personal development towards a peaceful goal.

The purposes of Aikido Seishinkai are to:

  • promote an understanding and observance of the ideals of Aikido
  • provide instruction in the physical techniques and mental attitudes characteristic of Aikido
  • create an appropriate atmosphere for safe, dedicated, and joyful training
  • contribute to the emotional and physical well-being of all participants
  • prepare students for tests as a means of developing their Aikido skills
  • offer a variety of programs to broaden and deepen the students’ knowledge of martial arts
  • furnish opportunities to learn self-defence techniques in a contemporary context
  • train selected students to become instructors

Class Routine

  1. Respect – proper manners and bowing show respect to all involved
  2. Meditation – a calming and focusing of the mind to prepare for practice
  3. Breathing – to help warm up the body and induce mental and emotion stability
  4. Exercises – to develop flexibility and stamina and thus avoid injury
  5. Body Movement – basic postures and movements necessary for techniques
  6. Breakfalls – essential to avoid injury during technique practice
  7. Techniques – usually throws and joint locks and pins; often fixed forms for partners
  8. Conclusion –exercises, breathing, meditation and respect

Our Instructors

George Hewson

George Hewson

Chief Instructor 7th Dan Shihan
Denis Dias

Denis Dias

Assistant Instructor 5th Dan Shidoin
Johannes Malais

Johannes Malais

Assistant Instructor 5th Dan Shidoin
Chris Rosenquist

Chris Rosenquist

Assistant Instructor 3rd Dan

Student Testimonials

Traditional Dojo atmosphere with great training partners. If you want to train mindfulness and resilience in a fun way – this is a place for you.

Roman Zelvenschi

Roman Zelvenschi

January, 22, 2017