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Aikido Rinri Kensho
Aikido Charter of Ethics

1. The aim of Aikido is to strengthen mind and body accumulating daily training and hard work together with our fellow practitioners.
2. In daily training it is important to cultivate a mental attitude of understand and respect for our training partners. In this manner, one seeks that one becomes a well-balanced person of sincerity and devotion
3. The Spirit of Aikido: Aiki means Love. To accomplish the mission and responsibility to cherish and protect all things is the true way of Budo. Aiki also means to overcome one’s ego and extinguish your opponent’s will to fight. Thus, Aikido becomes a way to enable an absolute self-improvement by erasing the existence of the opponent itself. (Excerpt from ‘Aikido’ by Mr. Morihei Ueshiba)

Hereinbefore, we establish our Ethic Charter of Aikido.

January 5th, 2015
Aikikai Foundation
Chairman Moriteru Ueshiba

kodo kihan
Code of Conduct
・Life long effort to pursue the way of Aikido.
・Practice the spirit of Aikido in society.
・Obey the terms of the Aikikai Foundation following the Founder’s Aikido lineage.
・Cherish the dignity of individuals.
・Wish world peace and happiness of mankind. ・Abide by law and order.
・Serve society.
・Eliminate discrimination and harassment, and act
・Eliminate antisocial forces.
・Protect personal information

Hereinbefore, we establish our code of conduct.

January 5, 2015
Aikikai Foundation
Chairman Moriteru Ueshiba